“I honestly did not think the case would settle. Mr. Korea made it happen.”

“The matter had attempted but failed to settle after multiple swipes by an expensive **** arbitrator. Mr. Korea, however, was able to succeed where others had failed.” 

“[Mr. Korea] was also well-prepared, going through a voluminous video evidence and using iteffectively during the settlement conference.”

“Tenaciously, Mr. Korea held multiple sessions, and then multiple private follow up meetings, until the parties had hammered out acomplex settlement agreement involving many disputed injunctive terms.”

“Mr. Korea, however, tirelessly worked with both sides and kept proposing one out-of-box solutions after another...” 

“I appreciate Mr. Korea's persistence and creativity.” 

“In session, Mr.Korea displayed equanimity, poise under pressure, and good humor.”

“Throughout the settlement conference, Mr. Korea showed empathy and respect toward my client who is from a disadvantaged background.” 

“[My Client] and I want to express our sincere gratitude for [Mr. Korea's] outstanding and relentless efforts in this matter.”